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Searching for Files

  1. Enter your Keyword Search critiera in the main search field at the top of the page. A dropdown may appear to assist in identifying your collection.
    Note: Do not use boolean searches. The clear button (X) applies only to Keyword Search. You must use the clear all button shown below if Keyword Search is used in conjunction with Search Filters.
Screenshot of main search field and dropdown window

  1. The Search Filters feature may help refine your search further by selecting limiters such as Park Name;  Information Type;  Document Title;  Location and/or Date Range. Each limiter has a dropdown to help guide your selection — you can either type in your selection or use the triangle buttons to open and close the dropdown.
    Note: Only Park Names with associated material will appear in the Park Names field. If you don't want to limit your search results, leave the fields with their default values.
    1. Buttons
      • The Clear All button allows you to clear your search criteria, including entries in Keyword Search.
      • The Search button starts the search process.
Screenshot of advance search window showing fields

  1. The search terms used to define your collection in Keyword Search and Search Filter will display in Filter Applied. You will see “No results to display” if the combined search filters do not contain shared documents.
Screenshot of Filters Applied

  1. The search results will display on the Results Grid.
    Note: To adjust the grid, move the column's heading to sort columns or the column divider to adjust the width. You can also adjust the list from ascending to decending by clicking on the column’s heading.
    1. Select the appropriate row of information to view the index data information about a given collection.
    2. Search results can be exported:
      • from the search Result Grid to Excel, or
      • from the search Result Grid in CSV form.
Screenshot of search result grid

  1. The ‘Record Details – Documents in Set’, referred to as index data information page, will provide document details.
    Note: You may toggle between the results grid page and index data information page(s).
Screenshot of index data information page, showing document details

View and Download Documents

  1. To view a document, click on the thumbnail on the index data (Record Details – Documents in Set) information page.
    1. Documents will open in a new browser window. You can view the document,
      • within the browser window, or
      • opened from your computer after it has been downloaded.
Screenshot of index data information page, showing document thumbnail

  1. Once inside the browser window, you have the options to
    1. print directly from the browser window, or
    2. from the downloaded (PDF) file.

Please see your browser's tutorial for this information.

Sharing Materials

  1. You can easily send your search results to your friends and colleagues through our Share buttons.
    Note: To protect your privacy, we do not add cookies or other visitor tracking information.
    1. Choose from the social media options located on Record Details, then follow your social media’s login information.
Screenshot of index data information page, showing social share buttons

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